Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Reggae Artist

When you mention "Reggae," some folks only think about Bob Marley. But there are lots of other great reggae artists out there. Mark Shine is one of those artists. Pound for pound Mark Shine is one of reggae's top entertainers.

Shine was born in the UK to an English mother and Jamaican father. At 2 years old he relocated to Jamaica with his parents. Guided by his grandmother, who was a school teacher, plus local Jamaican culture and color, Mark was introduced to artistry which helped develop an early passion for music. Passion toward a wide variety of music steered him to experiment with different sounds including rhythm & blues, rock, gospel, jazz and of course reggae.

Mark Shine's music career has sent him to perform in Mexico, Central and South America, India, London and Jamaica. He currently resides in New York City where you can find him at venues such as the Blue Note. The meshing of different cultural experiences helped define Mark's sound and philosophy, which has roots embedded from his father's life as a church deacon. Mark's zeal for artistry inspired him to create the ROCSTA (Reconnecting Our Similarities Through Artistry) concept.

Some of Shine's other notable appearances include the Rocsta Summer Reggae Parties and the Global Rock Showcase Reggae T'ing Fest. Be sure to keep checking back for what Mark has in store with Nova27!

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