Sean began his musical journey at the young age of 5. He was first exposed to all things classical and learned to play various instruments that eventually peeked in finding his true identity with two turntables in 1988.

Honing his skills as a hip-hop and R&B DJ during his college years, it was then he was introduced to house music. He was taken by the soulful nature of much of the early productions. Chicago Traxx, and DJs like Frankie Knuckles and Tony Humphries, along with Masters At Work, Satoshii Tomiie and David Morales became the major influences in these formative years.
In1994, Sean pursued his desire to be a preschool teacher of young and returned to DJing fulltime in September 2000. He began exploring the clubs and the changes that had taken place in the dance music industry. By this time Sean was greatly influenced by the familiar sounds of deep house; still present in the dance clubs like Shelter, but many derivatives had developed and other DJs and producers, such as Danny Tenaglia, Peter Rauhofer, Victor Calderone, and John Creamer & Stephane K, became the driving force in his renewed exploration

The gay circuit scene was the next sound Sean was exposed to and he can count DJs Abel, Paulo & Alexander and the production work of Mark VDH as his benchmark sources in this environment. Along with the growing influence from producers such as Saeed Younan, Chus & Ceballos, D-Formation, D-Unity and many others, his new sound was emerging.

Sean has played numerous lounges and small clubs in New York, including Moomia and Alibi as a resident DJ with Midnight Society, bar13 and Rush for his own INDABA:DANCE party, CIelo, Love, Lotus, Rebel, a four year residency at The Web and four year residency at SHI & Skinny’s, opening twice or Eddie Elias’s Verve event at Studio 21, Pacha for Destination Pride, and hosted his own monthly event, Digital Motion, at KEYBAR. Sean has played several dates at the after hours club RISE in Boston, and appeared at Score in Miami during the Winter Music Conference in 2008 and with the GlobalMixxRadio tour in 2012. On the West Coast, Sean has played at MJs and The Abbey in Los Angeles, Heaven in Palm Springs, and Mist Ultra Lounge, Beatbox, Ponzu, regularly at the renowned Endup, and his new monthly residency, CODE at The Edge in San Francisco. In August 2008 Sean made his international debut at Maison in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia spinning for a unique combination of gay and straight audiences. In June 2009, Sean performed with legendary club persona, Alan T, and Tania Mashay at the NYC Pride March on Fifth Avenue to hundreds of thousands onlookers. His remix for Tania Mashay’s, “Can’t Stop Movin”, with Mark VDH was released in October 2009 on 8025 Alliance Records.

Through over two decades of DJing, Sean has developed his own infused style of music that brings together much of what he has heard in the many settings he’s visited and played. It’s a constantly evolving sound that keeps true to his roots of soulful music that comes from the heart - progressive-soul as he calls it. He takes the listener on a journey with familiar, surprising, and fantastic moments; giving the participants a piece of himself and a platform for others to be themselves.

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