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Domitus translated from Latin, meaning "tamed" is an alias of John Spinosa. This side project is to focus his production desires to the underground sounds originating from Techno. You will see more from Domitus in the coming future as John Spinosa becomes "Tamed to Techno".

John Spinosa is one of Long Island’s most accomplished DJs. But his talents have not been confined to New York: this DJ virtuoso has spun everywhere from the ADE Festival in Amsterdam to Miami's infamous Downtown mega club, Nocturnal, and has rocked crowds of thousands with his creative and diverse sets. John picked up his first set of turntables at the age of 16, and has been addicted to DJing ever since. A true enthusiast of sound, he studies all styles of music and keeps up on the latest tunes you haven’t heard of yet in order to maintain his key ingredient: versatility. Spinosa has also spun for a wide range of artists including Underpressure, Wayne Williams, and DJ Skribble, and is a favorite with high-end clients like Victoria's Secret, Guess and David Barton Gym.

Collaborating with "La Razon" of Colombian group Underpressure with the alias "Plain & Simple", John produced a track for Pete “Drago” Sell of “The Ultimate Fighter 4”. He also has releases under his tech side project alias "Domitus", and the collaboration monikers "Portal" & "Seven Cat Blue". You can find his work on labels such as Black Hole Recordings [UK], LW Recordings [UK], Southside Recordings [Sweden], Undergroovy Productions [France], Slanted Black Records [USA], Royal Advisor Records [USA], and his own label, Nova27 Records [New York, USA]. Subscribe to John Spinosa’s podcast via iTunes where he has been found on numerous occasions floating in the top 100 downloaded worldwide!

Listen to the debut release "One Night In Amsterdam" by Domitus

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