Music Producer

Influenced as a child by his parents eclectic taste for music, Pocoloco’s ear has grown a love for so many genres’ of song. With a heavy collection of 45’s accumulated throughout his younger years, he eagerly gravitated toward the craft of DJing. In 1986 at the age of 18, Pocoloco, and long time friend DJ Ricardo Soto began a mobile DJ company, where Pocoloco Productions was born.

With an urge to give his audience a unique journey, Pocoloco began creating mash-ups of popular tracks for the dance floor. When Paul Vasquez (manager at the time for freestyle legend Artie Rodriguez) heard an edit played by Ricardo Soto, he was curious to know its origin. Ricardo enlightened Paul by introducing him to the edits creator, Pocoloco. Through Paul a partnership between DJ Echo (Hector Ramirez) and Pocoloco was created, opening the doors to the world of Freestyle.

Teaming up with Echo and Richard Soto, Pocoloco engaged most of his time in event promotions, showcasing Artie Rodriguez and several other Freestyle acts, including Giggles, Noel, Nyasia, George Lamond, and Coro. In the years to follow, he continues on his promotional path with clubs like 20 west (NYC), Studio Studio (formerly Velvet, NYC), and also Splash By The Water (Bklyn), just to name a few.

As the wheels turned throughout this new road, Pocoloco began reverting back to one of his favorite pastime crafts; editing mash-ups, and started down the avenue of music production. Producing mainly Reggaeton, and a bit of Hip Hop, he used social media sites to distribute mixes to DJ's all over the world.

Currently you can find Pocoloco working with several labels like Nova27 Records, artists, and producers to bring a diversity of sound and production to the masses. Please stay on the look out for some great Soulful House, Deep House, Progressive, Trance, and Deep Afro tracks by this ever hard working talent.

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