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Elliot DeHoyos is quickly becoming one of the rising DJs and producers to leave his mark on today's dance culture. Elliot's blend of driving percussive beats and progressive vocals are the key elements to his energetic sets.

A sophisticated DJ, DeHoyos` mixing is intricate and seamless. His talent for selecting exceptional tracks and his ability to blend them into a crowd-charging, nightlong story has earned him residencies at XL Lounge, Avalon NY, Club DEEP and SBNY, and appearances at clubs such as The Tunnel, Twilo, Limelight, Centro-Fly, BLVD, Club Love, ROXY, Rise (Boston), and Twist (Miami). His skills have also landed him international gigs at Phoenix (Sydney, Australia), Embassy (Philippines), Terminal Night Club (Quebec City) and Circus (Montreal). DeHoyos has also played at the exclusive Donatella Versace`s post VH1 Fashion Awards Party in New York City, playing to a slew of celebrities and socialites.

DeHoyos` vision of creating an event that symbolizes the spiritual essence of dance has inspired him to produce his own parties, TRIBE and RITMO. These parties incorporate cultural themes from different countries, while keeping the common element of a festive celebration.  The results have been a positive experience that has allowed DeHoyos to share the vibe of the underground with so many fans.

In the studio, DeHoyos` remixes are influenced by the world sounds he uses in his sets.  In 2007, DeHoyos signed to the underground label, Slanted Black, where the boundaries of music are constantly being pushed. His debut track, Push, features Slanted Black label head honcho Craig Mitchell.  Mitchell`s deep voice and DeHoyos` drum programming have Push storming dance floors everywhere and being licensed to recently released compilation, "Billy Carroll presents Dirty Beats on Kult Records".

His second release on the label provided him the opportunity to collaborate with house legend, Manny Ward.  The track, "Tribal Zone", has been getting phenomenal support by the likes of John Creamer.  DeHoyos continues to show his versatility in the studio with his latest track, "Desire", a remix of the talented Sheretha Campbell scheduled for release at the end of 2008.


Bimbo Jones - Tommyboy
Chellidaru Maligaya, Rhythm DB (unsigned)
Desire feat. Sheretha Campbell (Feb. 2009) - Slanted Black
Tribal Zone: Manny Ward feat. Craig Mitchell - Slanted Black
Don`t Weep: Robbynne Kaamil -DeHoyos and Moyer Mix
IntoYou: Astrid Surayanto - DeHoyos and Moyer Mix
Step to Me: Evolve - Statra Recordings - DeHoyos and Moyer Mix
Where is the Luv a Joi Cardwell penned song - DeHoyos and Moyer Mix
Power: Kevin Aviance - DeHoyos and Moyer Mix
Without Love: Becky Baeling - DeHoyos and Moyer Mix


Push: Elliot DeHoyos feat. Craig Mitchell - [Slanted Black]
The Oracle
Free to Love: Elliot DeHoyos feat Robbyne Kaamil
Corazon: Elliot DeHoyos & John Spinosa [Nova27 Records]
Raise Your Vibration: Elliot DeHoyos [Nova27 Records]

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