Though Dr. Tom Piscitelli can also diagnose and treat many of your medical conditions, he spends most of his time writing and playing music. Under the name Doc Reinhart, he fronts the Alternative Rock/Country/Blues band, The Grave Jinglers who have been aired on radio stations worldwide and have played many great venues in the area including the Huntington Fall Festival.

Tom has many musical influences and was classically trained. He is truly a musical chameleon and can lay down nearly anything in the studio including drums, rhythm/lead guitar, bass, and vocals. In addition to his performance abilities, he enjoys helping other up and coming artists in developing their own style and musical personality. He has taught over 100 students. Lately, Tom is working on a new album with The Grave Jinglers, exploring different musical avenues and collaborating with several local artists in whatever form necessary.

Nova27 Credits: Live Guitar On "Dark Kiss- John Spinosa & DJ Amoroso ft. Winter Darling (Original + Extended Club Mix)"

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